Pinecone – Golden Shaded British Shorthair Girl NY11

Pet Price: 4200 CAD (including sales taxes) Including: – Two veterinary health exams with certifications– Two doses of FVRCP vaccines– Three deworming treatments– One-month pet insurance– New home package, which includes his favorite food, medication, and a well-designed photo book containing pictures from infancy to adolescence– Contract outlining terms and conditions– Lifetime free consulting services […]

Furball – Golden Shaded British Longhair Boy NY11

Name: FurballGender: MaleColor: Golden Shaded British Longhair (NY11)Father: TeddyMother: SybilStatus: NewhomedHome: Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island Furball has a color of ny11 with long, gradient fur. His facial features are very delicate, especially his large and round eyes, along with a plump mouth. The saturation of his fur color is high, resembling his mother’s golden hue, […]

Yuzu – Golden Shaded British Shorthair Girl NY11

Name: YuzuBreed: British ShorthairGender: FemaleColor: NY11Status: ReservedHome: Boston, Massachusetts I never imagined seeing such a blend of activity and tranquility in a kitten until I met Yuzu. She effortlessly embodies both. Yuzu engages in lively play with her siblings yet remains unafraid of human interaction. Cradling her in my hands, I notice her supple body […]

Kief – Golden Shaded British Shorthair Boy NY11

Name: KiefGender: MaleColor: Golden Shaded British Shorthair (NY11)Father: TeddyMother: AnnaStatus: NewhomedHome: Toronto, Ontario Kief is among the sturdiest kittens in his litter. He certainly inherits the robust physique from his mother, Anna, along with some of her traits. He’s timid but welcoming towards other kittens and people. As he grows, his facial structure matures in […]