Henry – King

Breed: British Shorthair Color: CY11 Lilac Golden Shaded Henry was introduced to our cattery in 2024 due to his doll-like face, robust physique, and the presence of the lilac golden shaded gene he carries. His entire body is adorned with a smooth and warm lilac golden shaded coat, reminiscent of watching a piece of melting […]

Robert – King

Breed: British Longhair Color: NY12 Golden Shaded In 2024, Robert, comes from a distinguished bloodlines, Riven City & Viva Vogue, which reflects his esteemed pedigree. As a cat with a color code of NY12, he has a remarkably high saturation of fur color. His forehead is notably well-developed, and his ears are broad-set with harmoniously […]

Teddy – King

Breed: British Shorthair Color: NY11 Golden Shaded Teddy holds a special place in my heart as my most beloved feline companion, having joined our cattery in the year 2022. Since his arrival, he has reigned as our sole king, exhibiting remarkable traits that endear him to all who encounter him. Notably, Teddy has developed large, […]