Breed: British Shorthair

Color: NY11 Golden Shaded

Teddy holds a special place in my heart as my most beloved feline companion, having joined our cattery in the year 2022. Since his arrival, he has reigned as our sole king, exhibiting remarkable traits that endear him to all who encounter him. Notably, Teddy has developed large, round eyes that complement his full, chubby cheeks, while his ears are perfectly proportioned on his circular face, giving him an endearing appearance reminiscent of circles.

Every time I cradle him in my arms, I find myself irresistibly drawn to his charming and endearing face. Remarkably, Teddy possesses a gentle and amiable personality, devoid of even a hint of aggression. When approached by humans, he simply reclines on the floor, inviting gentle belly rubs.

In addition to Henry and Robert, Teddy plays a pivotal role in our breeding program, and we are committed to showcasing his exceptional qualities at various cat shows to earn him more titles.  Notably, in his debut appearance at the most competitive cat show in North America, Teddy was bestowed with the title of Champion, surpassing both British Shorthair and Longhair cats with his outstanding presence and behavior, endearing him to the audience.