Name: Yuzu
Breed: British Shorthair
Gender: Female
Color: NY11
Home: Boston, Massachusetts

I never imagined seeing such a blend of activity and tranquility in a kitten until I met Yuzu. She effortlessly embodies both. Yuzu engages in lively play with her siblings yet remains unafraid of human interaction. Cradling her in my hands, I notice her supple body yielding to my touch without any hint of resistance.
Yuzu boasts a harmonious facial structure. Her ears, of medium size, angle perfectly, giving her an expansive appearance. It’s her droopy eyes that captivate me the most; they exude a sense of melancholy that I find irresistibly endearing. With a well-proportioned and gently curved nose, Yuzu’s facial features are remarkably developed.
Observing her siblings, who have grown into cats with robust bodies, sweet countenances, and delightful personalities, I anticipate that Yuzu will be an excellent companion for Mochi.

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