A Great Start with Us:
  1. We’ll set you up with a contract that lays out everything you need to know about your rights and what we’ll take care of.
  2. Your kitten will get their first year FVRCP shots, which also come with vet checks to make sure they’re healthy.
  3. We’ll handle both internal and external deworming.
  4. When it’s time, we’ll take care of the neutering surgery and the recovery afterwards.
  5. And to welcome your new friend home, we’ll provide a package that includes 15 days’ worth of transition food and some common medicines just in case.
  6. You’ll get a month of free pet insurance to give you peace of mind.
When Your Kitten is in Our Cattery:
  1. Photos and Videos: We share photos and videos of your kitten at least twice a week. This way, you can watch your little one grow from a tiny baby into a playful youth.
  2. Nutrition: Kittens enjoy a balanced diet of dry food, canned food, and our homemade raw meat. We focus on their bone and muscle development while keeping their tummies happy. We use dry food from Instinct and Purina, canned food from Royal Canin and Ziwi, and our raw meat is specially prepared by us to ensure top quality and hygiene.
  3. Playing with Other Kittens: Once the kitten is weaned at around 2 months old, they’ll join our “kindergarten” with their siblings and other litters. Here, they’ll learn to socialize and play with other kittens. The kindergarten is actually one of the biggest room in our house. Our kindergarten is all about freedom – no cages here! We’re firm believers that letting them roam and frolic freely is the best way to nurture their happiness and well-being. So, it’s all about fun and games in our kitten haven!
  4. Nail Trimming: We regularly trim the kittens’ nails to keep them safe during playtime and to help them get used to the process.
  5. Personality: On nice days, we let the kittens play in our yard under close supervision. While we don’t recommend raising cats outdoors due to potential dangers, a little supervised outdoor time is a great way for them to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.
  6. Potty training: During their first two months, your kitten stays close to mom and littermates, learning all about self-care and proper litter box etiquette from the best teacher around – mom.
Arriving Your Home:
  1. Breeder Delivery: Living in Ontario or Quebec comes with a special perk just for you! As part of our special treatment for customers live nearby, we’ll personally visit your home to ensure your new kitten settles in comfortably.
  2. Lifelong free consultation: Even after your furry friend has found their way into your heart and home, we’re here for you. Think of us as your go-to pet consultants, available around the clock to lend a helping hand as you navigate the joys of cat parenthood and watch your little one grow.
  3. Free Boarding: We’re also pleased to offer one month of free boarding for all our kittens. Before starting a trip, you just need to send your cat to our cozy cattery. We’ll ensure they adjust seamlessly, enjoying familiar surroundings, delicious meals, and plenty of space to explore. We need to note that we only provide boarding services for our customers, so there is no risk of disease exposure.

We also want to mention one thing although this might not be happened in the near future. Our pervious customers have the priority to adopt our retired kings and queens (with nearly no cost).

We’re always striving to improve our services for both our customers and our beloved feline companions. Any suggestion will be appreciated!

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