Name: Eggroll
Breed: British Shorthair
Gender: Male
Color: NY12
Home: Canada

Eggroll is a NY12 shorthair cat. With his balanced face structure and light-colored coat, he gleams in the sunlight. He’s robust and has a hearty appetite. Being the sole kitten in his litter, Eggroll has been pampered by his mother from the start, receiving all her affection during his early days. As he grew older, he ventured into kindergarten where he interacted with other cats like Storm, Pearl, and Puffie. Amidst them, Eggroll stood out as a shining golden bean among a sea of white fur. He’s quite playful and particularly enjoys games that simulate hunting, like biting onto teaser wands and refusing to let go. Additionally, Eggroll is very fond of human company, often curling up in our arms just like a delicious eggroll.

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