Breed: British Longhair

Color: NY12 Golden Shaded

In 2024, Robert, comes from a distinguished bloodlines, Riven City & Viva Vogue, which reflects his esteemed pedigree. As a cat with a color code of NY12, he has a remarkably high saturation of fur color. His forehead is notably well-developed, and his ears are broad-set with harmoniously proportion, meeting the standards I uphold in breeding. His large, round eyes are particularly endearing to me. Notably, his petite and refined nose, coupled with a perfectly formed stop and break, serve as strong hereditary indicators. Additionally, his thick and full cheek, complemented by sweet and exaggerated facial features, strike an ideal balance. To me, Robert is the perfect example of a great British Longhair Cat. Regarding his personality, I would describe Robert as quite playful in comparison to our other two Kings. He is easily captivated by any movement in his surroundings and will eagerly pursue it as if he were hunting. Consequently, he thoroughly enjoys interacting with humans. As a result, he has developed into an affable and playful cat. I am confident that his active and amiable demeanour will be inherited by his future offspring.

His photos will be post here in the future!