Breed: British Shorthair

Color: CY11 Lilac Golden Shaded

Henry was introduced to our cattery in 2024 due to his doll-like face, robust physique, and the presence of the lilac golden shaded gene he carries. His entire body is adorned with a smooth and warm lilac golden shaded coat, reminiscent of watching a piece of melting milk chocolate on the ground—sweet and inviting. Notably, his eyes are large and green, a rarity among Lilac golden shaded British Shorthair cats. His nose is short and curvy, contributing to the thickness and breadth of his mouth. Furthermore, his ears are petite and broadly positioned on his head, notable for their outward angle. Henry’s personality is impeccable; he remains unfazed even in the bustling atmosphere of cat shows, maintaining his routine of eating, drinking, and sleeping without disturbance. He displays a fondness for human companionship, eagerly seeking cuddles and expressing joy through playful steps and humming whenever greeted.