This marks the debut of our blog on the web. While I intend to delve into various aspects of cat care such as breeding, nutrition, grooming, and more, I believe it’s important to outline what is the purpose of cattery. Drawing from our experience and reflections thus far, our cattery’s purpose comprises two main facets: breeding and service.


Our short-term and long-term goal is to breed healthy British Shorthair and Longhair cats that meet our standards. These standards are a mix of our preferences and the breed standards set by TICA. In simple terms, we want to breed cats with a cute face and a strong body. Later, we’ll share more about our vision for British Shorthair and Longhair cats.


This is the part we think about the most. No matter how cute the kitten is, it will find a loving family to adopt it. We specialize in breeding British shorthair and longhair cats for people who desire a great companion. Ensuring a lifelong commitment to the kitten and its forever home is crucial to us, as a cattery. We prioritize building lasting bonds, more akin to a family relationship, which don’t end when the kitten is rehomed. Therefore, apart from providing cat lovers with adorable, healthy, and friendly cats, we also feel responsible for assisting the new kitten parents in taking care of their pet. To this end, we provide lifelong free consultations regarding any cats in our customers’ homes. Additionally, we offer free boarding services to our customers, some of whom reside in the eastern United States and others in the western coast of Canada. The service I mentioned above is just a part of what we offer. We plan to include more features in the future. Our goal is to ensure that the time our customers spend with our cats is happy and enjoyable.

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