Born litters:

FatherMotherTimeShorthair KittenLonghair Kitten
Teddy(King)Mary(Queen)Dec 2023NY1233, NY1133, NY11
Teddy(King)Lucky(Queen)Feb 2024NY12, AY12NY11
Teddy(King)Sugar(Queen)Feb 2024NY11
Teddy(King)Ethel(Queen)Mar 2024NY12NY11
These kittens are not available for now but haven’t be adopted. They are still young.

Future litters (before July, 2024):

  1. Teddy(King) + Mimi(Queen) (May 2024): Might have Golden Shaded Shorthair/Longhair
  2. Teddy(King) + “A surprising Queen”(May 2024): There will be a surprising appearance of a litter, but since we’re not entirely sure yet, we can’t reveal it publicly right now.

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