We are breeder for British Shorthair and Longhair cats in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Our small and home-based cattery is registered with TICA (Number: 102701, Our Cattery TICA Link). Our passion for cats drives us to spend our days in the delightful company of these amazing creatures. It brings us immense joy to be surrounded by our beloved feline friends and their adorable kittens. 🥰 Our specialty lies in breeding British Shorthair & Longhair cats with doll faces.

The name BearMary was derived from our first cat, Mary. We chose this name when we decided to establish a cattery to offer adorable and healthy cats resembling bears. We are delighted to have found such a charming name for our cattery, especially since our kittens truly resemble small bears.

All of our kings and queens are meticulously chosen based on their health, bone, and cute facial features to ensure the breeding of irresistibly adorable kittens. Our beloved studs and queens are exceptional descendants of prestigious bloodlines originating from renowned European catteries. The compatibility between our males and females is carefully assessed, taking into account factors such as facial structure, bone, color, and the anticipated health of their offspring. 

The primary objective of BearMary Cattery is to breed kittens that are not only healthy but also possess a doll-like appearance and exhibit friendly behavior. Our utmost concern lies in the personality of our kittens, as they will become members of your family. Each kitten is treated with the utmost care, akin to that of a young child. We engage in daily playtime sessions with them, ensuring that they receive ample love, hugs, and caresses. Consequently, all of our kittens have consistently displayed a deep affection for humans, often seeking proximity and expressing their contentment through purring.

All of our kittens are raised freely in our home to promote their physical and mental well-being. We prioritize their activity levels by ensuring a spacious environment for them. Additionally, we provide them with essential resources such as clean water and high-quality cat food like Instinct, Orijen, and Royal Canin. Our kittens also have access to plenty of toys for their entertainment.

Since they are raised together, our kittens are accustomed to the presence of other cats and humans, which facilitates their socialization process. This exposure helps them develop the necessary skills to interact with both feline and human companions.

Moreover, we prioritize their healthcare by regularly taking our kittens to the veterinarian for comprehensive examinations and vaccinations. Furthermore, we ensure that all our kittens are neutered or spayed before they are entrusted to their new homes.

About the Breeder

My name is Yanrui, also known as Stella, and I have been passionate about cats since my early years. After completing my studies at the University for the Creative Arts in Canterbury, England, I decided to establish a cattery specializing in golden British Shorthair cats. My goal is to become an excellent breeder of British Shorthairs and offer exceptional services to cat lovers not only in North America but also around the globe.